Poker Competition Freerolls pay out in Seven Digits


Posted by Anabel | Posted in Poker | Posted on 04-02-2013

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Poker tournaments freerolls are no cost poker competitions that are held each day by the biggest online poker rooms. Poker competition freerolls are normally just called freerolls. Freerolls are enjoyed by the poker playing community as they present the poker players the chance to practice their tournament talents and win some cash and not paying a dime. The entry to these freerolls is – as the name implies – free – and award cash can vary from a couple of dollars for finishing in the money to a 7 figure dollar amount for acquiring a win at the biggest hold’em poker tournament.

So how come poker casinos have freerolls? Is it mainly because of their unbelievably altruistic character and the fact that they make vast amounts of money so they feel a moral obligation to offer some of it back?

No of course it isn’t, the reason that the major poker casinos offer freerolls is to draw players to their casino.

Free poker tournaments are here to stay. Don’t disregard this amazing poker action!

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